Other Facilities

Besides to the excellent offer of various stores for children and adults, Supernova Šibenik shopping center will also find numerous other possibilities for a complete shopping experience.

Welcome to Supernova Šibenik

Shopping Center Supernova Šibenik offers you affordable, quality and relaxed shopping. Within easy reach of the address, just 10 minutes drive from the city centre, you will find the optimal choice for your holiday out of the way or for the most essential shopping.

Accessibility and attractiveness are features of our shopping park! This modern shopping centre is spread over 23,000 square meters, with more than 7,700 square meters of sales space, thus expanding the region's shopping offer to well-known European brands.

With its practical appearance, it provides quick and direct access to each of the stores from any of the 300 parking spaces. The new shopping concept of the Supernova Šibenik shopping centre contributes to increasing the shopping pleasure and significantly reducing the time it takes to find and select shops and items. Share your new shopping experience with us!

Money changing and cash withdrawal services

At Supernova Šibenik shopping centre you will find as many as two ATMs where you can raise money for your quality shopping time. ATMs are available to all users of one of two banks: Erste & Steiermärkische bank and Raiffeisenbank Austria.

Therefore, get cash quickly and easily by simply inserting your cards into ATMs and withdrawing the desired amount of money. An ideal solution for anyone who wants to avoid paying with a small card, such as buying a newspaper or magazine at a kiosk or paying for a bottle of water.

In addition to ATMs, FINA's self-service exchange office is available for 24 hours. You can find it near the Spar store and exchange foreign currencies into Croatian Kuna.